Use Chrome to Create a Windows 10 App from Any Website

Here is a quick “Technology You Should Be Using” hit for you.

I was getting tired of opening Chrome, waiting for it to load, then, go to the bookmark to open things I use every day like Google Drive, Google Inbox, etc. ¬†So, I wanted to see what the “modern” way of adding bookmarks is and ran across this.

Personally; I’m not a “clutter my desktop” kind of guy (goes towards GTD Mind Like Water); but I’m sure parts of this will let you do that too if you are the “cluttered” type. ūüėČ

Use Chrome to Create a Windows 10 App from Any Website

Clipmate – Technology You Need To Be Using

Let me set the scene….

You are a Windows user. ¬†You need to copy someone’s name, company, street address, city, state, zip from one app to another (say your contact list to an order form). ¬†You open one app, copy, switch to the other, and paste, and back to copy, and forth to paste, and back and forth. ¬†ūüôĀ

Or, here’s another fun one – you are working on a proposal. ¬†You cut a paragraph to your Windows clipboard with the intention to paste it elsewhere. ¬†You then get distracted by another “shiny object;” you see something else you want to move and you cut that. ¬†D’oh! ¬†You lost that first clip.

Enter Clipmate….

I have been using Clipmate FOREVER – like since I think 1998? ¬†It’s one of those pieces of technology I live in everyday. ¬†Clipmate captures everything you copy or cut to your Windows Clipboard. ¬†So, now, that “D’oh” moment? ¬†You just pop open Clipmate (either from the task bar or a hotkey shortcut), ¬†arrow down to that clip, and wah-lah; it’s now on your clipboard ready for paste – just flip back to your app.

That address?

Go into your contact list and just copy, copy, copy the name, company, street address, etc. ¬†Go into Clipmate and set it in “Power Paste!” mode. ¬†Now go into the Order Form and just Paste, Paste, Paste – the clips will go on to the Window’s clipboard in sequence, ready for pasting after you click in your next field and paste. ¬†It’s awesome.

Are you a coder?  Want that piece of code or SQL Statement from yesterday?  It will be there in Clipmate, which is fully searchable.

Passwords? ¬†You can set up collections in Clipmate. ¬†I keep one for such so I can quickly get to my most critical ones. ¬†I have another collection called “Templates” that have my return address, Spanish phrases I like to use, but can never get that “~” in the right place – whatever you need to frequently put into a document / code / query.

It does a ton more also.  Chris Thorton has done an amazing job with the software.

Get rid of the “D’oh!” moments; get Clipmate at

Clarity Keyboard – Technology You Need To Be Using

I love Android. ¬†The biggest reason? ¬†Because you can make it work the way you work, or want to work. ¬†Don’t like the background color, you change it? ¬†Critical you see the weather in Laguna Beach? ¬†Add it to your desktop. ¬†You type differently than others? ¬†Pick the keyboard that works for you.

When I was in middle school, I took typing. ¬†Probably the best class I ever took in Middle School (next to Ms. Edwards 8th Grade English) because it gave me a skill that has carried me forward over the years. ¬†Anyway, this class truly taught¬†me to touch type; never look at the keys; always at the “paper.” ¬† So, then came along the Smartphone. ¬†I¬†so want to “look at the paper,” but that’s not the way it works. ¬†You really have to look at the keys. ¬†So finding the right keyboard is critical.

I’ve used Swiftkey for years now. ¬†Its prediction technology is¬†amazing. ¬†It really knows what word you need next most of the time. ¬†I was intrigued by their new¬†neural network keyboard. ¬†It¬†takes¬†prediction technology to a whole new level. ¬†The original Swiftkey’s predictions¬†where always good. ¬†But now they are great. ¬†Alas, it’s beta, so it’s missing the Swiftkey features of “learn from your Evernote account, Gmail and text.” ¬†I hope they can add that. ¬†(Also, for what it’s worth, I guess because it is beta, it’s a hair fuzzy, graphically, and only has two themes.) ¬†If they bring it to market, I’d consider switching for sure. ¬†But, with this keyboard, you are still having to look around – at the Keyboard; at the Predictions. ¬†So, then I saw their other beta, Clarity.

No “predictions” here. ¬†Well, that’s not 100% true. Their goal with this keyboard is to let you “just write.” ¬†So, that’s what you do. ¬†You keep your eyes on the keyboard and just type. ¬†It does its predictions in line with your typing; multi word – auto-magically (thanks Blake) correcting as you go along. When you do look up, your writing is pretty darn accurate. ¬†It lets you focus, and focusing is important to productivity.

Looking to “just write” on your Android and have focus. ¬†Give Clarity a try.

Epilogue: In my introduction post to this series, I said “no iOS.” ¬†Well, I somewhat fibbed. ¬†Swiftkey is available for iOS also. ¬†Give it a whirl.