Keeping Him First in the New Year

Happy New Year!

A little late; I know. All of the action and thinking and messages about the holidays are all but gone – short of us who have not taken down our Christmas Lights and tree yet.  (Update: I did get those done!)

I’ve wanted to blog, but have been absent for quite a long time with the happenings of life that have been going on. But then Continue reading “Keeping Him First in the New Year”

Add CAPTCHA to Insightly Forms

My team and I recently came up with a way to add a CAPTCHA to Insightly Web to Lead and Web to Contact forms.  We were genuinely surprised there wasn’t a solution from Insightly, or others out there already.


Tired of SPAM invading your CRM?  Give us a shout and let’s talk about adding CAPTCHA (ReCAPTCHA) to your forms.   Just drop me an email: 

Oh, and, of course, “Insightly” is a registered trademark Insightly, Inc., which is made in California (hats off to them – nice touch) and not associated with this offering.