Add CAPTCHA to Insightly Forms

My team and I recently came up with a way to add a CAPTCHA to Insightly Web to Lead and Web to Contact forms.  We were genuinely surprised there wasn’t a solution from Insightly, or others out there already.


Tired of SPAM invading your CRM?  Give us a shout and let’s talk about adding CAPTCHA (ReCAPTCHA) to your forms.   Just drop me an email: 

Oh, and, of course, “Insightly” is a registered trademark Insightly, Inc., which is made in California (hats off to them – nice touch) and not associated with this offering.  

Pause and be Thankful


I’ve been like over the top busy working on BrewStream.  I haven’t blogged in three months.

But, thanks to a gentle reminder from Pastor Matt yesterday at church, I’ve paused a couple of times to stop and be thankful.  Could you imagine living in a country being oppressed and not allowed to worship the way you want?  To be told how to live? What you can have? And, you don’t even have to “look back in history” – it has happened, and happening, our our life times.

So, I’m pausing now, and will again a few times today to be thankful to those who gave their lives, and those today who are serving, or have served.  Thank you all!