Why American Airlines is Bankrupt


A short while back, I flew American Airlines across the country.  It was the first time I had flown them in years.  Probably like 20?  I fly and love Southwest, so, I wasn’t real excited to fly the “we hate our job” skies – which is the attitude I’m use to on any other airline besides Southwest.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised.

Recently, Southwest has reconfigured the interior of their planes with what they call EVOLVE.  It was touted to be the best thing since sliced bread.  However, it’s turned out to be like sitting on sliced bread as that is about how thick the seats are now.  They also decreased the legroom.  So, now, short of getting the one and only Emergency Exit Row seat that has room, I’m pretty cramped.  American’s, on the other hand, were very roomy.  I flew east on an older MD-80 and I was near the front (not First Class, sadly, but like row eight). I had great leg room; comfortable seat, and it was quiet (as the engines are way in the back on that plane).  The employees were very friendly.  I wrote a compliment to American on two of them.

Alas, I don’t think American will make it being it takes seven employees to load the baggage.  Southwest does it with two.  And, that’s too bad.

As for Southwest, I don’t want to bash them to hard above.  They still LUV you; and I appreciate that.  Just wish they would take a different course with the new interior.

You have to look for the Cross


I was on the road awhile back and having a really low moment. As I sat in my hotel room, despondent, I was looking at all the squares, or boxes, in the pattern of the carpet. At the moment, it felt very iconic of how I was feeling – boxed in, trapped, frustrated. Then it struck me – for a fleeting moment; instead of boxes, I saw crosses. I felt really moved. I suddenly realized, thanks to the Holy Spirit, that one has to “look for the cross” and focus on that. You have to proactively remember to have Faith; you have to move forward.

I use the word “fleeting” because, just like in life, your brain can quickly shift back away; back to the negative; back to the boxes. It takes constant effort to keep focused on and see the cross; the positive. I’ve been working on keeping that focus. It has been hard, but, improving and paying off.

Keep your focus. If you are a Faith based person, keep it on the Cross; on Him. If that’s not your cup of tea, keep your focus on moving forward; being positive and not focusing on the past. Either way, it will be very rewarding.

What Do * You * Want To Read

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I post a lot of different things here; this site was originally “my personal site for whatever I want.”  And, I’ll still post what I want.  However, I know there are topics here you don’t give a [insert colorful cliche here]  about.  Still, I post most of the time with the hope that someone will find my information helpful.

With that in mind, I’ve made the top of the site “topic oriented.”  That way you can click there, then learn more about that particular topic.

Of course, I hope you might come across another topic you were not expecting and find – kind of like a “gem in the sand.”

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