Google Reader Going Away and Alternatives

I was surprised by Google’s decision to discontinue Google Reader.  I have used it for a long time and figured it must be the same for many others.  But, Google must have the data to say it’s time for it to go.

This has put me in the hunt for something different.  So, right now, it looks like the alternative is Feedly.  I haven’t dived deep into it yet, so, I appreciated Feedly taking the initiative to woo Reader users like me with this post.  Hope it helps others.

Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly | Building Feedly.

Why You Will Love the Chomebook

We bought a Samsung Chromebook for my Mother In Law.  She needed a DVD Drive, so, my wife took over the Chromebook.  When she is not looking, I hijack it, and I absolutely love this computer!

I started out on a Commodore 64 when I was a kiddo.  I loved that computer; it fired right up, it had a great keyboard.  It let me do what I want to do.  Fast forwarding through my HP-41, Apple IIe, clones, etc, I live in Windows 7 today.  I like Windows 7, but, it’s not like the “wow” days of the Commodore, nor the Chromebook.

The Chromebook:

  • Is truly instant on!
    • My Windows 7 laptop, though better than past versions of Windows, takes a few seconds to resume from hibernation   It doesn’t feel “ready to go.”  The Chromebook?  You open the lid and BAM!  It’s on and ready to go.
  • It always has battery!
    • The Chromebook’s battery life is in excess of eight hours.  You just keep using it like a tablet or phone.
  • It’s light and just “goes” with you!
    • When I pick it up, it’s light; it feels very natural, like, “yeah, pick me up and go – go do what you want to do.”  My HP laptop is truly like a brick, and, two years ago it was considered “feather light.”
  • If you can do it in a browser, then you can do it!
    • In my personal world, I pretty much live in the browser now days.  Rhapsody, Pandora, G-Mail, Evernote (well, when I’m on the Chromebook I use the web client.  Else, I use the Android or Windows client).  It all works seamlessly.

It’s that last bullet that strikes the Chromebook down as being my full-time, next computer.   The sole mission of the Chromebook is to get you on the net.  Yes, apparently there are some Google apps that will work off-line, like G-Mail (I haven’t tried that yet).  But, the Internet is where you have to live.  In my work world that doesn’t 100% fit yet.  I need Skype.  I need a .NET app.  I need Office (thought I might be able to use SkyDrive for that).

Also, our Chromebook’s right side palm rest has a “creak” in it.  Many other people on line have noted that, but most say, “hey, it’s a $250 computer, what do you expect?”  And, that’s probably true.

I think my Commodore was like $600 way back when.  So, now, having a computer that is on par with a Macbook Air for $250?  Yup – I like where the world of computing is going.