What Do * You * Want To Read

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I post a lot of different things here; this site was originally “my personal site for whatever I want.”  And, I’ll still post what I want.  However, I know there are topics here you don’t give a [insert colorful cliche here]  about.  Still, I post most of the time with the hope that someone will find my information helpful.

With that in mind, I’ve made the top of the site “topic oriented.”  That way you can click there, then learn more about that particular topic.

Of course, I hope you might come across another topic you were not expecting and find – kind of like a “gem in the sand.”

If you think I can write a topic or help in any other way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



WordPress, Web and Technology

I’ve been in technology since I was about 12 – if not earlier if you count me disassembling transistor radios.  Though sometimes I’ll rant about it it’s frustrations, I really do love it – and where it’s going.

The web is an amazing thing.  What people can do today, thanks to the web, is awesome.  Where before you had to troop the the library – information is at yours, and children’s – fingertips.  Where before you had to spend lots of money for programming tools, you, and your children* – can now find it and use it for basically free.

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* So, you noticed I use the word “children” a couple of times.  I think kids today have amazing opportunities available to them thanks to technology.  I hope they pick them up and run with them.