Faith is relatively new to me; I became Born Again seven years go.

I was 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  I always thought “Born Again” was a bit crazy.  I’m now 180 degrees in what I think is an amazing direction.

I’m not going to “try to convert you” here.  Believing in God and Jesus is a very, very personal choice.  But, it’s been such an amazing thing in my life that I want to share if you are interested. 


Since I left in full-time job in June of 2015, I’ve been deep in the startup world.

When I got to North Carolina full time, I made a commitment to attend 1 Million Cups every week and have gotten immersed in the startup community here in Asheville.  It’s been awesome, both for me personally and for my own startup, BrewStream.

I have high hopes to do some more writing about Startups in the future. 🙂  When I find time from my own startup! 😮

Update:  so, I did start to do some writing.  Click here to see my posts about the startup thing.