Product Thought of the Week – Focusing On UX

A screen shot of Microsoft Edge on iOS landing page showing a magnificent picture of Mars.
Microsoft Edge on iOS – Much More Stunning on the iPhone Itself. 🙂

UI, many times, is the thing that Product People, and the product team, focus on. And of course that is important. If the product doesn’t have the functionality the user needs, then why have a product at all? But there’s also that pesky thing called UX – the User Experience. Continue reading “Product Thought of the Week – Focusing On UX”

Product Thought of the Week – Start Today

My Son Loves Obstacles – Picture by Me.

What are you as a Product Person, Owner and/or Manager, going to do today to bless and serve your people? Your Customer; your Team. Start with people and everything else will just magically happen.

I was only going to post a “one-liner” to LinkedIn today. But, then the Spirit moved me, saying this is too important to “just post a one-liner.” With that, fingers crossed, this will be quick hit post.

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Product Thought of the Week – Does It Work

Discount Code Product Feature from Travelocity

Does your Product Feature really work end to end – especially in the hands of the customer?

My family and I recently did an epic cross country road trip. Not related to this post, I had many epiphanies about many things – one being our Country; our roads, little and large towns, and people generally seem to be in much better shape than they were when we made similar trips back in 2015. But, I digress. During this road trip, I needed to book hotel rooms. So, the “Roaming Gnome” came to mind (marketing did its job on me) and I surfed over to Travelocity.

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